Need a name for a PVP Museum Heist Game (Voting)

So the premise is, you are a person that lives in a hole (conveniently next to a museum and a weapon shop). and you “borrow” the museum’s items, because “eh, why not?” (and gameplay purposes)

That’s the LOOOOOORE!!! Now for gameplay

It’s a 1 vs an entire Team
The guard side has the advantage of numbers and infinite ammo
The solo person has a speed boost and unlockable weapon upgrades while only having ONE LIFE.
The person also has a set of ventilation systems to hide from guards and get around the map, the guards can see into these vents until a specific upgrade is purchased.
Each item stolen will grant cash to spend on upgrades & ammo. Think of the person as The Scout from Team Fortress 2.
When the person steals 25 items, the game ends.
I’m sure somebody will be Gimkit Creative (:melting_face:) enough to make a good name. Don’t worry, you will be credited in the map

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25 Items To Win It All

Stealin an dealin

maybe that could work?

Cops and R0bber.

That one is kinda bland and basic, but ill consider it

It’s clean and fits the theme, nice

Really taking inspiration from the last line of game context eh. (It’s good)

guards vs the heist for the game name

The Museum Heist
What do you think of the name?

coooool, but…

Seriously? @yaypoke624x what do you think?

It works, but it’s very bland

Also I have a life, don’t expect me to respond instantly

Okay, At least you have a life…

Dollar Heist (A parody of the hit show: Money Heist)

I could use that, nice name

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Why thank you.

Do you need a thumbnai?
l because I can do it for you!

Work I've done

I’ll wait to pick a name then give you that to work with. I wont forget credits

Hide and take, No Mistakes. (idk I tried lol)

not terrible, top 5 at least

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