Natrual regen if you have a item

I am wanting a natrual regen effect when you have a certain item. I have a repeater, that goes to a relay for everyone, that checks if you have the item, then heals you. When I tested it, it did nothing. What am I doing wrong?

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Can you send a picture of your setup?

Could you give us some photos to help us better understand?

item manager, property with player scope, repeater, health granter. It’s probably possible, however I can’t think of a solution at the moment. I will post a tutorial later and link to it if I figure it out.

Screenshot 2023-10-20 121502

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Could I please see your checker settings? I had the same problem a while ago. If you don’t want to use the checker then I would recommend using a vending machine.

Use is greater than for your comparison. Otherwise, the checker won’t work. Hope this helps!

I think it’s something with the health, because I have one of these for speed and it works just fine

No I am telling you it is the checker not the health granter. Just change the checker and it should in theory work. It works for me at least.

I allready tried changing it to greater than, but it didn’t work.

Just use a vending machine then. That should do the trick.

I figured it out while I was trying stuff out.
Screenshot 2023-10-20 122425
You have a player-scope property change when they collect the item, then have it start a loop for the healing.

dang that’s better than my tutorial

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