Names for kits?

Right, super smash bros, let me add that in

Tank (Slow but strong)
Runner (Fast but weak)
Archer (Long range)
Fighter (Spraying weapon but low health)
King (Strong health, weak weapon)

skirmisher (swift but weak character)

How would I grant less health :thinking:

slow one can be paladin
average one can be solder
fast strong but slow ammo can be marksman
slow weak but fast ammo can be Light machine gunner

There will be negative health granters soon

wait really??

Yeah, its part of the update

I’ll have to add that in later then…

Yeah, they’re really cool

Also more names:
Joker (Summon Fake weapons)
Medic (spread out heals)

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mage (sorta fast with medium-high damage)

average strength could be soldier maybe?
also, you could make one that’s fast and strong, but very low health, which would be named ‘the glass cannon’.
also, if you need anymore kit ideas you could check this guide.

Toxin: a player that can cause status effects such as slower movement, less damage, brain clutter (pop ups one after another), and no movement at all?

name it like know your characters, or like pretend they are different roles in one game, its what I would do
-instant foward boast, 1 shot weapon
-like a doctor or medical
-an assasin or bounty hunter one shot button
-long reload good health and damage and long shooting time
-construction workers or like engineer build robots on their team and walls or maybe teleporters

Ghost (instantly teleport)
Hacker (Summon Sentries)
Poseidon (Fast but weak)

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Night bringer: summons a black barrier that makes it harder to see but the caster isn’t affected by it.

Noice. Pretty creative

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caster team can’t see if it is team game

but characters with abilities to summon things should have a worse weapon and average health and speed