Name Ideas for a game

I’m making a horror game map (that’s an escape room), but i don’t really know a name. What should the name be?

Secrets of the Void. (How the heck do you have so many map slots lxmas???)

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Lash (Lxmas Awesomely Scary House)

Season Ticket.

Hmmm. Just ignore them.

For the name

I thought you said you didn’t want the season ticket as there was no point in having 25 map slots? Also, can I have screenshot proof?

Wdym by ingore them?

Lxmas, how come you always misspell “ignore” to “ingore”?

I’m joking. I kept deleting my map slots for more space.


No like the name is
Just Ignore Them
Maybe there are like bodies or something :sweat_smile:

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Yes, we will in GORE them… ew

Autocorrect isn’t installed, alright?


Are you saying you need autocorrect to stop misspelling things?

Okay, time to get back on topic: Do you like the idea I gave?

It’s good, but i’ll see more.

“The Light at the End of the Tunnel”.

Hide and Seek


What about LASH? That was quality.

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But this isn’t a hide and seek game, it’s a horror game-