Name for prequel

I need a name for a prequel of somelses game alien erased escape

What happens in the main game and the prequel?

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ifg you want more it is in a post called name for a space game

From this post? Title for a space game - #7 by Kosm0-o
Quite a few posts about this from an awfully familiar suspended user…


I am not suspended where did you here that

you sure?

Edit: this may be why you havent been able to get into your account

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where can I find that

If you click on your old accounts profile, it comes up.
Anyway we are getting off topic.

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how long is that person suspended for

But ill give you a name:
Spaceship’s final moments before disaster


Please stop. This isn’t a chat room.
@Nightwolf, alt accounts are not allowed. Wait out the suspension.

I would recommend not using this account because it can be ban evading.

I know you just didn’t know what was going on, but I would stop using this account or delete it so you don’t get in more trouble.

If I mod is reading this, they didn’t know they got suspended until after they posted with there alt account.


That person’s you, buddy.
Also, don’t post the prequel. Post the prequel AND the main game. It’s just simpler and not many people like WIPs.

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