Name for Game Help

First I would like to say I won’t scrap this game. It’s a unique game that I think would be fun.

Your friends and you break in a laser tag place, but while you’re too busy having fun, the security protocols go off. Will you Escape?

Bobzi (Ozi)
Bucky (Captain Buck)
Chomper (Chompz costume)

Game stage (Development)

Laser Escape
Security Alert!

you want ideas for the name of the game?

Yes. And I’m sorry for wasting some other guys time for thinking I would fully make a game. But this game WON’T BE SCRAPPED

Friends and Alarms
Laser Security
B&E Laser Tag

I’m not that bright. what does B.E mean?

Breaking and Entering

since that’s what you’re doing
and that’s not allowed by the nation
but I’m not sure if its in your game

It doesn’t show you breaking in.

Laser Escape!
sry that I’m so stu pid

I’m terrible at making good names, but here are a couple:

laser tag madness

Security chaos

“Laser Securities” is that “: )”?

“Lights Out” or “Midnight Pandemonium”