Name for game and thumbnail request(name for game poll)

so i need help with 2 things… title
for a minecraft game

what should be the name for the game?
  • dig-craft
  • gimcraft
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I can do that stuff for you! But… what is your minecraft game about?

we need much more details for a thumbnail

  1. background
  2. gims
  3. What’s going on
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  1. any skin you want
  2. a minecraft backround or a forrest
  3. make them have picaxes

I will have it done by 2024-04-24T13:45:00Z

and a game title for the game

we also need more details

  1. what is it about?
  2. What’s the goal?

we can’t help without details please include them when you make help topics

1 Like’s to survive beat a ender dragon type of thingy

LIke the regular Minecraft?

yeah but gimkit styled and don’t want to get copyrighted

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I have the perfect name! Gimcraft!

or dig-craft (just thought of it)

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You can choose which. It is your map after all. But… do you want a name of the game on the thumbnail?

yeah sure let me and my team decide…

and i will make a poll just in case.

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how is the thumbnail doin’?

cough… I… didn’t start… I am going to start working on it! :sweat_smile:

What is the name of the game? Have you decided?

yeah it’s gonna be dig-craft

Almost done!