Name for a game that takes directly after one way out

this game takes place directly after one way out where they are in the escape shuttle

on shuttle after the escape

  • After Alphastar
  • One Way Out 2
  • The Final Escape

I want the word alien in it and it to be unique so nothing like one way out 2

  • Alien Evasion
  • Alien Worlds
  • Stranded By Aliens

surrounded by aliens

How about Alien Escape ?

That sounds like one Way out

sounds good wait I remember you @KittensAreCute13 you posted about publishing over summer

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Lol. Yes, that was me! :slight_smile:

it is unique also do not go to the other topic @Kormorant there is discussion of the off topic kind me thinks

The Escape Shuttle? mabye

wait are you on the suttle or did it land already/?

does it say there is a solution or it will close soon

The Return of Triumph

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on the shuttle the plants planted some spores which have grown

he said to include “alien”

yes it does

not for me.

Also, @Nightwolf, though not required, please don’t mark your own post as a solution.