Name and Thumbnail For my Map

I know! were you here for the guy who got flagged because of his username and the fact that he called everyone the n word

Yes :roll_eyes: he kind of ruined it… I gtg

Ok syl Slimjim!Hope to see you soon

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Ppl need a thumbnail? TIME TO SUMMON THE ARTIST!!! Dundunnnnnn (Intence music in the background) @VoidFluffy @Blizzy @Foxy @bob6000 @MirMirCreates @Kat_aronii hopefully, their online….:skull:

Thanks! Morpeko! Hopefully one works


i can’t
in classs

Dang it, well im doing MCAS and secretly on this lol

I am online kinda busy though I will if I have time

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@ShadowTree87 I’ll make one! A thumbnail, I mean!

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thanks it just has to have gims fighting and a secret door in backround

@ShadowTree87 Worked pretty hard on it:


looks good :slight_smile: good job @Blizzy

THanks Blizzy! I LOVE IT!


sry i couldn’t help it i hope u enjoy this
its for your PFP-(profile picture)

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THTAS AMAZING @Blizzy!!! Now i wanna play dat game!

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