Name and Thumbnail For my Map

If you have an account on the game sharing page you can share it there

It looks like “The Explorer” is winning!

ok can you keep it open for 20 more minutes? Then whatever’s winning I’ll do!

Yeah I can, I see you’ve changed your picture? I saw your help thing lol

Yeah I was messing around a few weeks ago and made this pic so thought: why not make it a pfp

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I just made an account three days ago, but it took we a LONG time to find out how

I made mine yesterday!

Welcome to the forum! :tada: :tada:

thank you! its really cool that everyone works together great

Yeah! I got on because I was ready to publish my game Piranhas Versus Minnows (That is the thumbnail SAD made for me) and I needed help so I made an account and I got it published!

yeah I was making the map that you just polled, and saw the forum and knew I had to enter!

Cool! Nice to meet you! That reminds me, do you want me to close the poll yet? I think everybody voted

ok sure! which ones winning

Still Explorer, same as before.

I’ll end it then…

Sweet!you know, I understand that you cants share links, its just I wish I could show you my Map but then there’s a ban

but I understand why there’s aban

Yeah this one kid yesterday broke the rule and shared the link then deleted it then some kid came in and destroyed his map and he blamed me and jelloboss for it and flagged us so I totally understand their rules

yeah but like if people could share maps, you could like help edit it

also, is it ok if I put you in the credits for helping me out I the game

Yeah but people can’t just ask for help they have to ruin stuff :frowning: The one guy earlier came in and started cussing and there were so many flags the topic got shut down… Btw sure about the credits (just say SlimJim58)