My Selling System Is Acting Up

My Farmchain game is acting up, basically, when you press the button to sell lvl 7-10 lvl crops, it doesn’t do it’s job!
And I had a solution!When button pressed → Transmit on channel for a wire repeater to a vending machine, but now it doesn’t work, and I think It never did can someone help me make a good selling system while selling more than 6 lvls of seeds?

Can I see your current system? I could probably extend the current one to accommodate your needs.

ok, will send picture right now

the wires connecting itself is the selling system, but the ones going outer is the buttons that are selling it

Screenshot 2024-04-07 11.03.34 PM

you can use checkers, button pressed, run checks, check passes, connect to a vending machine: attempt to purchase, then vending machine to checker, item purchased, run check, so it just continues to sell until you are out automatically

If the problem is that you ran out of wire space, why don’t you switch to triggers and channels?

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that’s what I am doing, I do 2 buttons 1 click (basically, when button pressed → Transmit on button and then loop it around)

Ok. What do you mean by a level of crop?

like corn is worse than gimberry

Ok. If you’re trying to sell 7 different types of things at the same time and it’s not working, you can either sidestep the problem or fix the problem. They both are valid! To sidestep, make it so you can only sell some crops in some areas, so that you can never sell more than 6 at once. To fix it, you might need to look at your wire repeater delay. Also, you never told me HOW it was acting up. Please do that.

it’s acting up cuz higher lvls aren’t even selling

Is there something different about those items?

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Oh, hello! I am back and I tried the trigger thingy

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and it worked and thanks for the help

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