My relays don't work properly. Help

So I tried to have it so team 2 can see a button and the other team can’t. I put a lifecycle down. Wired it to a relay. The relay had an audience of team 2. Then I wired it to a game overlay. Relay triggered → Show Overlay. I had the overlay turned off on game start. Idk what is happening with this. Pls help.

Is the overlay visible on game start?

Hmm… I have this setup. Maybe It might help you. Also, lifecycles only work for the host.

Here are my settings as well (Make sure that you set visible on game start to no):


No the overlay is not visible on game start

I’m just going to accept defeat. My Gimkit is defeactive. It won’t work no matter what I do.

Have you tried setting scope to team?

On the relay or overlay?

On the overlay.

Wait what team settings did you set the game settings to?

Oh, and what is the problem? Is the overlay showing for everyone, or no one?

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Cooperative so everyone is on team 1. Then I had a randomizer to pick someone to go to team 2. That does work for me. Its just that this won’t work.

When I have the overlay turned off on game start it doesn’t show to anyone and when i have it on it shows to everyone. Its weird. I have a relay wired to it. There might just be a stupid mistake I made but idk

Could you please send a picture of what you did?

Yes I will send a pic


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Does this include the randomizer relay that you mentioned?

No it doesn’t. Just the overlay button stuff. I can send that over too if that will solve this problem

Well since your mode is cooperative you need to make sure that one person gets switched to team 2 otherwise this won’t work.

It does work tho. I tested thaf part and it does show on the leaderboard (I have it temporairaly on) that there are 2 teams. Also thanks for helping me. I really appreciate it.

Could you please send a picture again?