My NPCs aren't appearing

There are a total of 7 npcs (event npc and Raveena included)Screenshot 2024-03-20 11.09.44 AM
Screenshot 2024-03-20 11.07.47 AM
Screenshot 2024-03-20 11.04.52 AM
Screenshot 2024-03-20 11.06.44 AM
If you saw my previous posts they were there. I didn’t delete them. Help.

Are they activated on game start?

They were when I first added them

Was anybody else editing?

There were no collabs in the game

Check them again, or it could be a visual glitch. If the code checks out, then reload and try again.

I just did and they are still not appearing. They appear when I’m in build mode but not when I’m testing the game.

this happens when you have high memory or they are very close

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Stress on Gimkit! :person_facepalming:


this has also happened before searching before you post applies to all topics incuding bugs

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Like wdym I’m new here

you joined Feb 3 -_-
before you post search for similar topics

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I’m still figuring how stuff works on the forums. :l

searching before you post is in the guidelines

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Okay thanks for the link and solution :slight_smile:

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