My neutral sentry is firing at me

I put a zone around my sentry, yet it is still firing at me. I put it on team 1, but it still fires at one of my players. Any ideas?

what are the teams is everybody on team 1?

I’m not exactly sure, but I think this doesn’t work anymore because sentry interactions with zones was deemed a bug. Again, I am not 100% sure that this is what happened though, so I suggest you find a second opinion. (The zone thing)

Are all the players set to Team 1? Look in your map settings to see how the teams are being configured.

It’s a free for all map, so everyone is on their own team. So the team one players are safe, but no one else is.

So three things, zones don’t interact with sentries (Gimkit fixed that), the sentry could be on a different team, you could be on a different team.

Do you want it so that it doesn’t fire at anyone?

the neutral sentry will fire because not everybody is on team 1

Yes, it is supposed to be a random civilian

Would a barrier work?

A barrier will work.

Yes a barrier would work

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But it would have to be small if you wanted to fire at the sentry

Well, a barrier should work.

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No, your not supposed to fire at the sentry

It’s for my quest game

it does work because I tested it already for my neutral sentry guide

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By the way, whoever-added-the- resolved -tag, it’s discontinued due to solutions.

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