My medieval fishtopia/farmchian/capturetheflag/onewayout/snowbrawl needs more game in it

I’ve made a game that has it all, but not enough, any ideas? what else could I add that that I haven’t so here are the ones I have made.

Fishtopia: Team viking has to fish to make money

Farmchian: Team knight has to farm to make money

Capture the flag: the whole point of the game is to get the other teams flag.

One way out: Instead of tagging, they use weapons!
Team viking uses wooden wands and Team knight uses blasters.

Items: How the teams get better items is very different.
Team viking buys them and gets them forever.

Team knight uses an anvil and cash to upgrade items only starting from common.

If you’re interested I will be publishing this very soon, let me know any ideas or suggestions!

@WiggleDJim Is this a showcase? I have to flag it if so. If you need ideas then please have this as a help tag not a community guidelines tag because you can say this is a showcase.

Is it like a mix of all the games listed here?

Sort of, but I need ideas for more because to game is kind of bland

I am only able to provide ideas for props.

Layer your terrain, it makes games look more finished.

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whats the devices above the item granters in the 2nd picture ?

They’re Inventory Item Managers.

ah thks

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