I tried what everybody said to do but my map still isn’t publishing :rage:

Please help I worked so hard on this map.


Do you have the season ticket? If you don’t, it’s probably just that you don’t meet the requirements.

you don’t need the season ticket but do you have all of the gimbucks (1000 ) and are you an alltime level 20 and check the thumbnail to see if its a JPEG

what did you try? because Idk what to tell you to do if I don’t know what you tried

it might not be level 20 could be higher idk forgot

the all-time level requirement is level 50. its annoying, I know

ok its 50 thanks @WOLFY :slight_smile: so check if it meet all of those requrermnts and my biggest trouble when I publised my map was the thumbnail being a JPEG

we aren’t mods there’s nothing we can do just email the team and ask what happened

You can only do the map when you are over level 50 and have 1000 gimbucks

Once again is it showing in discovery cause not You’ll have to wait for them to update discovery sometime in summer cause if its that problem I guess you feel my pain to…

Publishing will be updated soon in summer you’ll just have to wait

Your game may be not in discovery because it can be delayed or just not visible in discovery due to the moderation’s word filter.

You can try also putting the game name into the description, since GKC discovery search engine searches by description.

I have the season ticket

Publishing will be updated soon in summer you’ll just have to wait sorry but the same thing has happend to me

minimum level is 50 not 20 unfortunately

its carreer level. as long as you have been level 50 before or your levels add up to it it is supposed to work.

This was 18 days ago and is probably fixed. Please check dates.

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it is a bug that the gimkit devs are currently working on. It will be fixed in the next few hours.


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