My Guide got Taken Down. What now?

My guide got taken down (and I feel like it was unfair). Is there any place I can go or someone I can e-mail to try to get it put back up?

What was the guide about?

How to make a slot machine

Message mods or remake it. You might be able to slip by. But I remember a certain candle guide that got taken down, but I would suggest remaking it or slipping it into something else. It might’ve gotten taken down because it recreates gambling.

Was it related to gambling?

VIA e-mail, or is there a way I can do it on the forums without everyone seeing?

Because if so then it’s not allowed :confused: sorry

Click on three lines then click on more then click on groups

There already was a guide on how to make a slot machine and it didnt get taken down. I decided to make my own version.

A few things:

  1. The mods are on vacation or something, i don’t think they’ll react
  2. this is a bit offtopic
  3. your guide was okay in my opinion, it’s not really gambling. idk why it got taken down

That is quite fair though. Slot machines are related to gambling. I got in trouble because of my name too.

this is offtopic though- don’t be angry if people flag it.

Go to groups by clicking “more” in the menu on the side. Click on moderators and then message. That should be a PM and not be visible to others but you and them.

Just said that but ok…

if the mods are on vacation tho, and haven’t responded to the forum degeneracy or gimpossible riots, etc, I don’t think messaging them will do anything.

I guess mark solution?


Idk :confused: maybe it used to be allowed.

I didn’t see it because I was still typing and I’m on mobile. Sorry for the confusion. Edit: @Moyai saying off topic doesn’t justify it, but nice.

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Mark this as solution so this doesn’t turn into offtopic clutter.


Off topic: same! Lol

Just sent a message to the mods. Hopefully my guide will be put back up soon. If not, I did have an idea that may save a bit of memory, so I might repost it.

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