My gimkit is broken

This error message popped up

This seems like a simple bug. Just reload and click “Head back to dashboard”. Then, go into the Creative tab and click on the map you were working on.

Do you have a popup that shows on game start?
The same error messaged popped up for me when i had a popup shown on game start

That is very rare it means you mannaged to crash you game and you just obtained the scrip. if you restart you device it will be fixed. And to show you just how rare it is I have been on gimkit for a little over 2 years and have only crashed 2 games once, One Way Out and Snowbrawl. And there is funny little easter eggs in the script so if you want to have a laugh you can read it.

i crashed 3 times and it was all in a row lol tho i see it less nowadays

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Okay I’ll do that thanks for reminding me

No problem! I’m (sometimes) here to help!

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