My Friends dared me to make a team fortress 2 like game

I mostly need help with the Engineer Class, (if you never played tf2, the engineer can deploy sentry’s and teleporters,) is they’re a way you can do this?

So ima take inspiration from Team Fortress Gimkit by CWE (on discovery) and say just place a bunch of barriers around the map (circle) and have a button that only engineers can press that activate the sentry.

So when the player picks the engineer role give it a (whatever color) seed. Now the button for the sentries will go like this. Button pressed → Check for seed in checker → if yes activate sentry.

yeah I’m kinda inspired, I’m probably not going to publish it tho

and what about the teleporters?

They can teleport around the map yes? Or their whole team.

I havent played TF2 yet btw.

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Me neither. LOL!!!

I’m pretty sure there is about to be that coordinate system like device for the anniversary update so you could have an overlay that shows a sentry/barrier based on the engineer’s location…

the whole team can teleport

wait huh, what anniversary update?

Place teleporters with barriers on top of them around the map. Wire a button to a checker to a relay to the barrier.

Button pressed → check for blue seed → if yes trigger relay (relay has the same number of the team using it) → deactivate barrier.

Remember to have the barrier’s scope as team.

Oh I forgot to mention. Wire a lifecycle to a relay. Have the other team’s number in the relay. Then deactivate the buttons so the other team can’t use it.

That would be very memory costly and not really worth it.

so add a bunch of deactivated
sentrys,then give engineering class ppl a gold seed. when you spawn, check for gold seed, if have, then activate a button that can build a sentry

yeah, we can do that with zones.
(i think)

That still is very memory costly.

Also remember to mark a solution @Axo27635 !

oh sorry almost forgot

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