My friend needs a space thumbnail

Recently, My best friend was inspired by the space map I created so he made his own. He wants to publish it soon, so he asked me to request a thumbnail for him.
Desired Requires on thumbnail:

  • Needs A space background
  • A Gim running from a space portal
  • The gim must be space related. ( Such as Orbit or any Constellar )
  • Must have the title, " Escaping A Dream "
Lore of the game for ideas

Imagine you are running. Running for your life from something scary… something horrible. There is a danger, and you fall asleep into it. You fall into the trap. You have to escape before you get hurt. They are coming, and you have 30 minutes to escape and if you can’t make it… then it’s over.

Any desired artist can do so, no need to ask!
~ @leo_flowers


i cant but if you want i can find somebody

i told someone named Nixximon so you can find them if you want

I’ll try but it will be my first one

Screenshot 2024-05-16 7.14.49 AM
There you go, hope you like it

i can try! just give me a few hours, maybe till tmrw lol :woozy_face:

my work

“rip josh” :skull:

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I’ll try and make one.

im done? (not really?)
i feel like i need to remake it cuz it didn’t come out like it did but if your friend likes it then it’s alright and I won’t remake it!


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He says he likes this one the most. Thanks!

No problem! I had fun making it!

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bet lemme cook in turbowarp >:DD