My first question probably wont get answered

So hi everyone I dont know if its meant to do this but my editing game settings wont save

Welcome, have you gone to setting and publishing, there should be a save option

thats because if you change editing settings those wont save but map options will

Your editing settings don’t save after you exit which is normal. Not much we can do abt it sorry

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Oh and welcome to the forum!

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please mark a solution @Gim_Fishy

Thank you guys this forum is so helpful

also @WolfTechnology ive accidently created another account on wix so if you see 2 blackfoxes in member chat on wixsite the one with my forum profile pic is the one that is mine and have not gotten locked out of

ok bgrgbeuibhtbehubtuebtuebubeubbebue

you can put the <> and whatever text inside those will be hidden


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just not _;&^%$#@!*()?"

Oh ok, thanks for letting me know.

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Is there any way we could tell somebody to make that and please dont “Nolt” me
(yes i read some other posts so i picked up some sayings

What do you mean?

any like creators that we could easily access to tell them that without going on the nolt website

Press the three dots next to more and press group and you’ll see moderators and tap on them. Finally you can press “message” and, well, message them.

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