My First Game, Project Titan, just released into Beta!

This was an advertisement which is against the Terms of use, as well as other things, please ignore this post and don’t comment, I don’t want to get flagged. Thank you for trying to show support, but seriously, don’t comment on this post.

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Welcome @AGimCreativePlayer!

Sorry, but advertising is not allowed on the forum.

Welcome to the Forums! However this is advertising and advertising isnt allowed. Please mark a solution before you get flagged and read the rules.

Ya no advertising, but it is a fun game

Sorry, I didn’t know. I’m new here (obviously) how can I take it down?

Since there are replys you have to mark a solution and pray people leave the topic alone.

You cannot delete a post after it has been replied to, but you can mark a solution to the most helpful reply. After three hours after no one replies, the post closes.

Welcome to the forums

Don’t worry, I won’t let it close!

I don’t see it. project titan is on discovery, right?

Welcome to this community! Please read the FAQ and TOS!
Also, we are trying to let this topic close, so please don’t reply. Thank you for understanding.

yeah I can’t find it

You can find the FAQ here. Now, please let this topic close.

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also, legit question, is there a legit place to “advertise” are games for gimkitears?

There are other websites, such as wix and padlet, (I don’t have the links to those), but you can’t on this website. Now read that FAQ!

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