My cursor completely dissapears when I hold a weapon

when I pick up a weapon and put my cursor where it would be to aim the weapon, it completely dissapears and the weapon doesn’t follow my cursor. the weapon only moves when I click to shoot and then stops after shooting.

Hmmm, strange. Not sure how to fix that. Does it do that everytime?


Welcome to the forum @a_student! I would recommend moving this post from help to bugs.

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yeah, it does. it only appears when I put the cusor on one of the on-screen buttons like the inventory.

Hmm. Ok, well I hope it gets fixed for you. Also, welcome to the forums @a_student

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I don’t know what happen it might be a bug. welcome to the forums @a_student

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Try restaring your device, welcome to the community though!

throw your device out the window /j


Welcome to the forum, @a_student !

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yeh thats definitely helpful :rofl:

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This should be under Bugs not Help.

Hey, try to stay on topic!

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ah come on you cant deny you did it too

Thank you for changing it. Was that you @The_7th_Dragon?


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?Who Did?

changed what? what happened?

Haiasi did.

He’s here?.. Sorry, I know let’s get back on-topic.

This is off-topic so id suggest we stop while we’re ahead.