My ball disappears

my ball disappears after i score a goal for other players

I think this is normal. Isn’t it?

is this the official game mode, or a map you made?

its a map i made it probably has something to do with that

did you go into the settings of the ball and clicked something like “respawn after goal scored”?

yes i did and it only disappears for the player who didnt score

That is intentional. You have to wait for the ball to go back to where it spawns.

That’s what I thought, lol. The ball needs to have a respawn.

i can see the ball on my screen the other player cant see it though

That’s definitely a bug.

in the goal device, there is a setting called respawn ball. If that is on no than the ball will not come back after you score.

Welcome to the forums, @alpha19! Sadly, I cannot help disprove this bug. If it proves to “bug” you, please contact Gimkit Support.