Music problems (overlapping)

Im just on GKC and testing the music for my RP map, but now all 3 musics Im testing are overlapping eachother

What do you mean? Do all of them have the same music? How is this a bug?

How are you “testing” more than one music?

This has been reported a LOT. Since the Gimkit Team is no longer in winter break, contact

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They started their game and ended it quickly 2 times, then they start it normally and the music overlapped

yes that is what happend. i was just seeing which music is peaceful enough to be liked in an RP

i cant, i am on a school comp


Does your parents have like a computer?

That is a lag issue, close out of the tab and rehost your map, it should fix the bug. I have had it overlap two different sound tracks before and that is how I fixed it.


Well, it’s kinda annoying how i have to close my map because of the music overlapping.

Just mute the game.

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