Murder Mystery Help 6

So, I was testing some things out, and when the sheriff dies, the game ends, even though there is 1 innocent left. It still picks the innocent to be a sheriff, and sets it to that team and whatever else, but it ends the game because it counts the 0 innocents and 0 sheriffs and ends the game. I have already tried delaying it, but that doesn’t work.
Any Ideas?

maybe make it instead of counting how many innocents and how many sheriffs are left, it counts how many people in total are left?

So I would just have a player counter count the amount of players, subtract 1(for the murderer) and have a repeater end the game when players = 0?

Something that I’ve seen other devs do in murder mystery games is to make the sheriff drop their weapon so an innocent can pick it up but a murderer can’t.
You could also add a waypoint to the weapon for the innocents.



how would I make that? I Don’t want the waypoint