Murder Mystery Help 2

Is There A Way To Detect If The Sherrif, Team 3, Kills An Innocent, Team 1, the innocent killed gets killed along with the sherrif

There is a complicated way, but here’s a shortcut…

So if the sheriff kills the murderer, the game is over, right? So you could just make it so the sheriff is a spectator no matter who they kill.

oh yeah, I guess that works.
let me try it

Issue: if there is only 3 players, and the sheriff kills the only innocent, the game doesn’t end

that’s probably a separate issue

my system to check if players = 0 is probably broken

also no matter who, if the murderer kills someone, the game ends. No matter how many people are in it. I think it needs to count innocents and the sheriff, but I can’t find where you did the count innocents

it’s the same old system, just with a checker added

how would I change it to count the sheriff

so there’s that relay with the channel that connects to the counter.

change it to ‘all other players’

it still doesn’t work.
check wix for game cod

Sorry, entering final exam.

ok good luck

I can’t help because I don’t know how to do this but i know woftechnology can help you.

no he can’t

he’s been afk for days and only does art

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Do you have time to finish helping?
Check wix