Murder mystery game

im pretty confident in making most of the game mechanics but im confused on how to make the gun drop when the sheriff is killed

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I’m pretty sure there is a thing in settings where you can make the player drop what they are holding. If this works, mark a solution!

Welcome to the forum @James ! Actually, that setting just removes the item, not drop it. You can instead place a knockout manager and make it drop whatever weapon the sheriff has on the knocked out player’s position. Make sure it isn’t active on game start. Assuming you already have the teams and items set up, connect the sheriffs relay (use the one that grants them an item) to the ko manager to activate it. If this doesn’t work, use the murderer’s relay instead.

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Ngl, you just solved my problem as well, Hah! (and thanks, I’ve been needing that info)

I thought there was a guide for this, but I can’t find it.

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Use a knock out manager and set it to when player dies"drop item" and select the item you want.
And welcome to the coomunity @James! Look at this reply on another post, it may help you with the roles.