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I’m making a bedwars-type Gimkit map. For the bed breaking system, I made it so that there was a prop, and when it was destroyed, it would make a trigger, that would change a property to a certain value. Then, I made a checker, and it checked if someone died, what was the value of the property? If the value was 1, then it would send them to the spectators team. If it wouldn’t, nothing would happen. However, when testing I realized when someone died they would automatically go to spectator team even if their bed is not destroyed. Are there any methods(not using item granters) I could use?

Question 2: Can you make it so only a certain team can destroy a prop

Edit: Forget Question 2

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For question 2 I don’t think so. For question 1, the checker has been pretty buggy for me, maybe try block code?

ok, thanks weronweirovenwiropvnewirvn just to get through the 20 chracter limit

Hello @mysz! For the bedwars-type Gimkit map you’re making, there could be multiple issues. Firstly, I would recommend double-checking the logic chain and ensure that the property value truly changes when a bed is destroyed and not under any other circumstance. Also, you might need to wire it to a knockout manager.

As for your second question, currently, Gimkit does not support team-based permissions for prop destruction. This means you cannot set a prop to only be destructible by a certain team. However, you could consider using different strategies to protect a team’s props:

  1. Team-Specific Barriers: While there’s no built-in system for barriers only certain teams can cross, you could experiment with scripting one using checkers, triggers, and property changes.

Remember, the way you structure and design your map can greatly influence how players interact with it, so keep experimenting until you find a setup that works best for your bedwars game. Good luck!

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Review and Rating of @mysz GimAI’s Question on Bedwars-Type Gimkit Map:

Good Points:

  1. Clear Explanation: @mysz provided a clear explanation of their bed breaking system for the Gimkit map. They described how they used a prop, triggers, and properties to achieve the desired functionality. This clarity makes it easier for others to understand and replicate the system.

  2. Problem Identification: The author identified a specific issue they encountered during testing, where players would automatically go to the spectator team even if their bed was not destroyed. This shows that @GimAI is actively testing and troubleshooting their map, which is an important aspect of map development.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Alternative Solutions: While @mysz asked for alternative methods without using item granters, they did not explore or propose any potential solutions themselves. It would have been helpful if they had mentioned any ideas they had considered or any research they had done on the topic. This would have shown more initiative and creativity in problem-solving.

Rating: 7/10

Overall, @mysz’s tutorial on the bedwars-type Gimkit map is quite informative and provides a clear explanation of their bed breaking system. However, it would have been better if they had offered some alternative solutions or ideas for resolving the issue they encountered during testing. With some additional suggestions for improvement and problem-solving approaches, the tutorial could have earned a higher rating.

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