Multiple Mini-Guides🤏 PT.2!


I’m TaigaBiome, and today, I present to you… (Please do a drumroll)

Multiple Mini-Guides Part Two!

In the past, I have done a guide like this before. Then I forgot about it. So… I made another one!

p.s. I’m moving all of the old guides into here, so yeah…

Warning :warning: :triangular_flag_on_post::
Each guide is short and brief!


How to make a teleporter teleport when a button is clicked.
  1. Place a button and teleporter
  2. Wire the button to the teleporter = (Button pressed → Teleport player here)

It should now look like this:
Screenshot 2023-10-12 14.57.41
And There You Go!

How to make an automated timer.
  1. Place a button, a repeater, and a counter.
  2. Change the repeaters “Task Interval” to 1.0 (One Second), and the “Time To Run” to whatever you want (Numbers).
  3. Go to the counter’s settings, and go to the “Target” tab, change the “Use Target Value” to “Yes”, change the “Target Value” to the same thing you used for the “Time To Run” on the counter.
  4. Wire the button to the repeater (Button Pressed → Start Repeater), then wire the Repeater to the Counter (Repeater Runs Task → Increment Counter)
    It should look like this now:
    Screenshot 2023-10-12 15.22.13
How to make a one-way door.

1.Place 2 triggers, side by side. And a barrier in front of it. Then 2 more triggers in front of the barrier.
2. Wire the first two triggers to the barrier. (Triggered → Hide prop)
3. Wire the front two triggers to the barrier. (Triggered → Show Prop)
It should now look like this:
Screenshot 2023-10-12 16.57.01
(p.s. you can make the trigger invisible if you want, it doesn’t affect the outcome.)

How to make a flag be captured 🏳
  1. Place a Flag, and a Flag Capture Zone. Change the color of the flag to whatever! Change the Flag zone to the same color of the flag.

Bonus! Wire a flag capture zone to a counter (Flag Captured ⇝ Increment Counter)
this was smaller, so no pictures for this one :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :

Semi-Medium Difficulty!

How to make a person teleport only if they have the required items.
  1. Place a button, checker, and a teleporter
  2. Wire the button to the teleporter, (Button pressed > Run Check)
  3. Change the checkers “Check #1”, to whatever item they need to have in order to teleport.
  4. Wire the Checker to the Teleporter (Check Passes > teleport Player Here)
    It Should look like this:
    Screenshot 2023-10-13 09.49.42
How to make a questioner grant energy
  1. Place a Questioner and an item granter
  2. Change the item that the Item granter will grant to “Energy”!
  3. Change the “Amount To Grant”, to whatever your heart desires!
    4…Wire the Questioner to the Item Granter (Question correct > Grant Item)
    It Should look like this now:
    Screenshot 2023-10-13 09.54.14
How to teleport the person who knocked somebody out.
  1. Place a KO Device. (Make sure that it is listening for a player, not a sentry.)
  2. Then, in the spot that says “When target knocked out, transmit on,” and put “TPPlayer.”
  3. Then, place a teleporter and go to the “Channels” tab. Put “TPPlayer,” in the spot that says, “Teleport here when receiving on…”
    It should now look like this:
    Screenshot 2024-05-08 20.22.07
How to knock-out someone with a button

In the works, just a sneak peek.

Hard Difficulty!

How to make a randomizer
  1. Place a Trigger
  2. Go into blocks and press “When triggered.”
  3. Put this code in:
    Screenshot 2024-05-15 21.03.35
    Basically, what happens is the “Triggered” variable will pick a random number from 1-3. Whatever number is picked, it will output a transmitter. Change this to however you like, just keep the base model the same.

Really Hard Difficulty!

Art Work!

All of these WILL be finished!

I will try to update this as most as I can.

BRB, Thinking/Working on this!!

Please respond for any ideas that you might like added!

P.S. I will be going to a summer camp for the entire summer, no electronics, so I will not be on until August 20. by!


chrysostom: mb.
what about drafts?

Sadly guides most days are the ones already created

although most of these we already created I think it is a pretty good guide that new users could benefit from reading

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Just curious why the randomizer is in the hard section…? :neutral_face:

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I think this was intended for beginners and like “no-experience-with-game-developing-whatsoever” beginners



Imagine if there was a TUG for MG’s…
(MG is a acronym for Mini Guide)

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