Multiple-Checker Checker

I’m trying to make ClicClac’s memory match game. I’m trying to make it where once all of the barriers are gone… a door (barrier) to the next level opens up. I tried adding another checker and linking the rest of the checkers to that one, but the door opens even if just one of the other checkers passes. I even have it set that all 5 need to pass in order to open the door.

make the things that make the barriers disappear increment all a counter (1 counter), this counter is connected to a property (1 property) and then the final checker checks if the value is equal to (the number of barriers needed to be deactivated)


To chain the checkers in your case, you’ll need to set your first checker to broadcast on the other checker once the check is passed instead of if the check fails.
(rinse and repeat with the second checker if you need more)
picture -
Screenshot 2024-06-05 10.19.02 AM
Screenshot 2024-06-05 10.19.19 AM
the reason why you don’t broadcast when the check fails is because the checkers will continue checking until only one checker is right, which makes it an or condition.

Make sure to set the last checker to broadcast on the channel to hide the barrier you want when it passes.


So, I linked all of the other checkers to the counter so that once they pass…it increments by one. There’s only 5 checkers. Somehow I end up with a different number every time I test it and it’s in the double digits. The memory match part works perfectly…but I can’t get the counter to link correctly.

maybe set the scope to “player”

It is. I have 5 checkers. Once each one passes it is supposed to move the counter up. It does, but somehow I end up with a number from 15-20…not 5. This is me just testing it, no other players.

what is the starting value of the counter?

The counter is set at zero.

gimme a minute I have to do some testing

this is what my system looks like…