Multiplayer text editing bug

i had 3 creative tabs open (one hosting and 2 testing the game) and while i was on one of the tester tabs, i clicked on a text device and it opened the editing menu (even though i had permissions off)
this isn’t too weird, but when i tried to edit the text it LET ME! however, the text did not change and the editing thing text changes back to normal when i close the thing, but it doesnt seem intentional

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It’s probably because it’s your account. I’ve used alts though, and it didn’t happen for me.

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I’ve seen this bug before, it doesn’t really break anything as it reverts automatically.

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I have a theory on what happened. Maybe because you had your host tab open, you switched to a different tab and it still thought that you were editing as the host and it tried to let you edit. But hey, thats just a theory. a Game theory.

Game Theory is a cool topic in mathematics.

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It happens to everyone.

Mattpatt moment.

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