Moving Sentries (Help and CMG)

As we all know, sentries cannot move. One method would be to just make one disappear then another appear in a chain to create the illusion of movement, but they would reset the weapon clocks, never run out of ammunition, and not have shared health. It would be fine if they could be a hive mind, but they can’t. Instead, my thought is using counters with this to spawn a certain sentry with health based on how many times you hit the sentry(s). The biggest problem with this is that, especially with large scale, this would take a lot of memory. Anyone got any better ideas?

But how would you track how many times the sentry has been hit?

ya thats a good point i only do that if your doing an escrot mission with checkpoints where the sentry can be healed

If they only have one health, they always die. Use a counter to determine how many have been killed, then after a certain point they stop “spawning.” I don’t know how to deal with the weapon problem.

Maybe use props to track damage because they are not 500 memory
They are 10 memory

How does one do that?

Prop(prop destroyed) → counter

I would add this as a suggestion on the nolt. bbsi