Movement Bug, don't know what to call it

So I was just doing random things on my test map when I found out that if you spam right click while moving, there’ll be a chance that you be stuck moving in that direction until you press those keys again. I took a recording of it, so email me if you want to see it. I thought that I should just report this, just in case.
Edit: I forgot, but you need a weapon for this as well

Hmm, interesting, lemme take a looksie!

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Yeah, it doesn’t work for me. That might be a problem on your side?

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Could be, but I don’t really know what I did, so you might not have to spam. You also need a weapon as well.

I’ll look a little more, see if this is something, as this is possibly a major bug, or not at all!

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That’s just a google bug. It gets stuck in the screen for the right click and doesn’t register any input for the game.

Oh. ok then (this is for extra characters askjldnflkfkevnj)

You can bypass the character limit by typing letters (and only letters) into <> brackets. What it does is hide it all (if it is only letters), so it works. Make sure to type enough to fill the entire 20 characters

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