Mothers Day gimkit

Im doing a gimkit for my Mother and its going well so far, But there is a teleport thing and idk what it should teleport you too. Any ideas?

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A room full of flowers, and hearts. also, yay! Zelda fan!

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What is the thing that you are making? It’s hard to help well if you’re so vauge.

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Thanks and I love Zelda little to much.

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And I’m making a Gimkit for my Mother and sorry for being a little vague.


An awesome idea! How about…you have to shop for flowers, make a card, and a cake! Well, before the timer runs out which means your mommy is coming home after shopping from the supermarket to make dinner! If the timer runs out of time, you lose and game over! If the timer didn’t run out of time, you win! And, it’ll be a perfect Mother’s Day surprise…Anyways, just spending time with mommy is a great Mother’s Day too!


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