Most items for a player based channel

The broadcasting on channel part is easy, but the real issue is checking to see who has the most of an item. Gimme a second to see if there’s a guide for this.

I did not see a specific guide for this, thats why I did not respond.

I’ll just mess around in GKC until I find something that works.

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yeah, that and if you find a way, make a guide on it.

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Wait for when @ClicClac either finds a way or does not, to mark a solution.

I think they should wait since school is on session now and it may take more than three hours for ClicClac to find the solution.

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Agreed, I will edit my post…

also, off-topic, but what is leader

Alright, I have about 3/4 of a solution. Have faith Navy!


Leader is a trust level, just like how you are member, but leader is the highest and can only be earned by a staff member premoting you. It gives you moderator abilities. Now lets get back on topic.


The only problem is that both IIM’s don’t update for each player.

You either get two properties with values of 1,0 or 0,2.

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I have a way to compare properties in both voting systems.

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Just have a property for the most fish and a property for the name of the person with the most fish, and loop something to check if they have more fish than the property, and if so change the properties.

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Yes. There’s a block-less version in my first voting guide, but it will take the all the items away.


I need this for my voting system

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In that case there are numerous guides for that. Here is one:

There’s a section in my first voting guide. Let me get that for you. Here:

Now, to count the votes. This is one the most important sections to understand in order to adapt it for other games.

First, remember the “All Players Gone” broadcast? Make a relay receive it. Make the relay broadcast on Vote Count for EVERYONE when it received from the All Players Gone channel. In the checker, check if the amount of keycards is 0. If the check passes, broadcast on “Execute”. If it fails, then broadcast on “Subtract Keycard”. In the last item granter, add a block for receiving on the channel “Subtract Keycard”.
Just make it broadcast on “Vote Count”. Also, have it grant -1 Green Keycard when it receives on “Subtract Keycard”.

In the teleporter, make it teleport the player there when it receives on “Execute”. Add 1 or 2 lasers that deal 10000000 damage. The people will know if the person they voted for DROPPED AN ITEM THAT THE IMPOSTORS CARRY OR NOT. Make both of the lasers transmit on “Exit Vote”. Make a relay that receives on “Exit Vote” and broadcasts on “E Exit Vote” for all players. This channel should teleport everyone back and restore all functions

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Does it work? If it does, then please mark a solution!

it probably does but i cant seem to grasp my tiny brain around it

I think that its incomplete.