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I know I just asked for ideas like 2 days ago for my racing map and thanks for the help but I’m looking for more help please. I put zones that slow you down and some coins that you can collect but I need to figure out some stuff like when would the players use the coins they collected? And what would they buy? Thanks!!

how about you can freeze another player if you have a powerup and then touch them (using inventory managers and tag zones)

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You can have coins buy speed upgrades or weapons to shoot the other competitors?

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pit stops where you can buy things

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obstacles that randomly appear on the track (including lasers)

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Different cars

Sentries that try to shoot you

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Thanks for the upgrade ideas! But also wouldn’t it just be better to not stop at pit stops because it would take time to buy upgrades? By the time you bought upgrades the players who didnt would be way ahead

an audience of sentries that will shoot at the person winning

well it could be good because its taking a risk for an upgrade that could help you win or you could lose anyway from the time it takes to buy it.

You can make a pop-up shop to by upgrades!

Ok thank you both! Who should I mark as solution because both of you helped me

That would take up a LOT of memory.

Mark the idea that you like the best!

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