More Murder Mystery game suggestions

So as you may know, I’m making a murder mystery game.

In it, there’ll be items on the ground around the map that you can pick up, which will work sort of like a currency. If you pick up 10, you get a quantum portal.

Currently, all you can do with them is get a quantum portal and open a room.

Does anyone have any ideas for other ways the player could use / spend them?

how about teleporters you can unlock to get you to different places around the map quicker?

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Ooh, I love that! I’ll definitely use that!

Maybe with your currency, you can unlock more weapons and a randomizer that may give you upgrades (weapons?) or downgrades (speed?).

If you get like, 50 you can get a quantum portal machine.

Ooh, okay! I don’t want to do too many weapons though, since really only the murderer and detective should have weapons. The quantum portal is quite slow, so it’s okay for an innocent to have it.

Is there something I can help with, like prop or map design?

Woah, just read that guide, and that is incredibly cool! As I said before though, I don’t really want the innocents to have too many weapons, but maybe I’ll do that, since 50 is quite a lot.

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I think I’m done with the map, I’m quite proud of it.

In my opinion, I think I won’t allow innocents to have weapons and maybe they get 1.25x speed so they can run away faster?

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Nice, if you want you can make a guide on it as long as it does not premote you map, also art guides seem to be a decent guides right now.

If you want to share maps and play other people’s maps as well, click this link

(as this forum is not for sharing codes or publish links as they can distract people from actually helping the person that needs help and they can also spam the forum)

Alright, thanks, I might use that!

Don’t forget to mark a solution!

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since the 10 coin thing reminds me of minecraft murder mystery, you can have it to where add currency and pull a lever for a random blessing/curse (more money u put in, the more likely u get a blessing over a curse)


Someone makes a random art guide that no one will ever use: 20 likes
Me making mechanic and device guides: 5 likes


well my 27 likes among us guide is a big topic because the gims look like crew mates and also that guide took a while a was hard and its good work.

My ideas for this is you could make a table called the “elder shrine”
and the coin-scaled prices are:
10 coins: 75% chance curse and 25% chance blessing
25 coins 50/50
35 coins: 75% blessing 25% curse
50 coins 99% blessing 1% curse


yeah and then 100 coins, gives you a very good/op blessing.


talking about guides like “making a random thing in gimkit!!!”
Like who needs to make a roblox duolingo bird

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