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Does gimkit allow you to share a code and let others participate?

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Not on the forums


What if you make a creative world and use put the code onto the text?

Like inside a live game?

No like you publish a creative world, and then there is a code of a live game

Don’t do that, Discovery was not meant for live games and many maps with either a live code/showcasing another map in the description or title will get deleted and your account can be put at risk.


Not on the discovery page because live games make clutter there

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Okay, thanks for letting me know

Please mark a solution rather than putting the unused resolved tag

No by clicking the solution button

where is the solution button?

hit the checkbox underneath a post

It should be on one of the replies by the :heart: button that either is a checkmark or a checkmark with the word ‘solution’ next to it

where this is all I see

hit the checkbox under this post that says solution

alright is that all?

Yes it is

yup now this topic will close in 3 hours preventing anyone else responding here
this is how we avoid clutter on these forums

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