More Inventory Item space, is it possible?

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Prototype or findings.

Currently none.

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I have an theory, but I’m not sure if I’m able to work it out by my self. But here’s what it is. (Quoted from Custom Key Bindings topic.)

Blackhole then continued with,

Followed by Getrithekd.

Our only problem would be this.

Now, I’m not the best at gimkit creative, and I’m not sure how I could work this out, but if someone could develop a basic idea, it would be great! I’m looking for mainly just gadgets though.

Another theory, extra one! Is it possible, to switch peoples inventories? We would need properties and many item granters, and inventory item managers. Click a button, and it will randomly swap inventories with someone. It would work well, but there are many items in gimkit, so depending on your map, you may be able to add this.

Tell me if you have a prototype, and I’ll check it out.

QUICK EDIT; New problem.

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can’t you just select it in the map settings?

If you read the quotes… but it’s fine.

No, I’m talking about having more than 5 slots, and having different pages of an inventory.

This is talking about CHANGING a UI. I honestly don’t think it’s possible, but hey, nothing is gimpossible.


It might be. We just need a little bit of resources, some time, effort, and thinking.

Also, congrats on regular!


Thanks! I got it a week ago but I wasn’t really active during the break.


there was a guide on this it was a wiki that blizzy started and i got permission from her and i added my version of pseudo inventory in there (dont be surprised if my version is confusing i am trash at explaining) i’ll post a link to it if that helps

there we go

oh wait this is including the hud for that you would need modding to add an extra inv slot or maybe a combination of somethin

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No, it’s like having more items and saving it. So you can do it on the go, I see blizzy’s version, but it’s not exactly what Im looking for. I’m making it so you can move and like “change” your hotbar, but also save the last hotbar.

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Wait-- like multiple inventory item slots?
So you could change between what you need in certain instances?

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huh ok so on the go right? so you need to find a way to connect keybinding to pseudo inventory am I correct? seems possible I might experiment on it for a bit it might be like text order like that typewriter thing if I use that I might be able to put the switching of items in an order anyways almost time for me to go so i’ll experiment later

Yep. Except you use a game overlay to switch between 2 sets of slots, which in this case can be up to 10, so 10 items in ur inv on the go. Imagine that. Switchable with a game overlay.

Idea: You could have a property for all of the gadgets. I’m assuming the pages are screens on a pop-up. Then, we could have the pages scroll in order, saying the amount of the item you have. To switch to that gadget, we could clear inventory of all those gadgets, then grant plus one of the gadget selected (whichever call to action was pressed channels to a specific item granter). When you collect an item, it just adds one to that property. Basically what getrithekd said.
But for blackhole’s issue, don’t you just add on to the property? With the correct block code, we just use the properties in order, so it shouldn’t do that.
As for switching people’s inventory, I don’t think it will work if the swap. Since we are having to save how much items someone has, we can’t set a property to the other’s property, as then trying to go the other way wouldn’t work, we would have lost that data. The only way to avoid that would be for the swap to happen at the exact same time, and because of AUO this isn’t possible, I don’t think. Feel free to correct me.
However, I don’t know how you want the shards to work. Unless you are using infinite ammo, the shards would reset when the gadget is replaced, so it would just be a way to get free ammo when you run out. You could use properties to track the amount of shards, but that would be complicated. I might be wrong about it though, as I don’t use shards and most physical stuff often.
That’s all I have to say. Hope this helps!


Sleeping noises (no offense, lol.)

OH! yes.

That’s good. Yeah, it seems good. That could work!


Sorry if I pulled a Zypheir. Anyhow, I hope it does! (Also, none taken)

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Is that a forum user?

I think I recognize his name, but, lol. He’s a older forum user, and he’s usually on older guides, so I haven’t really known him. But, thanks, no offense taken!

I made something kinda-ish like this, it displays your items on a popup. It could help with displaying the inventory.

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This… would be revolutionary.

Wouldn’t say revolutionary

but I would say this would be cool!

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