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I need some help on making ideas for my game. I have a build in proggres right now so, any idea would help my game making. Thank you for your time

Look before you search, or just create something original or your own.
Welcome to the community though @ThatOneGuy. Look at new-user-must-read

What does it have already and what is the theme?

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It might not be original, but try making an Island Progression game. It’s what I am doing now. If that isn’t your style, try making a survival game. Or, if you’re feeling extra fancy, try making a large-scale project. I don’t have many ideas right now, so I hope this helps!

Right now its just a beat a bot game. Not a lot of proggres but im working on it.

Oh, so many other people already! So happy to see a big, active community!

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Thanks for the idea, ill look in to it

You’re welcome. :smiley:
Always here to help another person!

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