Monopoly help needed: Urgent

Ok, so right now in Monopoly I am working on upgrading lots. So far, you press a game overlay button and block code runs, bringing up a popup. The block code is in a trigger, and it senses if you own a color group, and does that for a little over half before I run out of room, then because of ABO I was able to add another block on the same trigger. The problem: If you have purple and red, it will bring up do you want to update purple? You click no on the popup, and it runs code for everything but purple. If I use this, would I need to have a trigger for every single possibility? Am I wrong, right, or is there a simpler way?

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Do you mean, if you don’t want to upgrade purple, it runs everything except that?

Yes. It checks if you own everything without the code having purple in it.

Do you have enough time and memory to make true/false properties for owning each lot (true = owns lot, false = doesn’t own lot) and then using triggers to check everything (you can use multiple) and opening the respective popups?

There are already properties for the team number of the player that owns the lot.

Wait, but you don’t need to run out of block code. At the end, just do “broadcast message on channel [insertnameoffunctionhere]2” and then continue the block code, right?

So, when the if is done and you don’t own the things, it moves on to another page, if you don’t own any, you get a popup saying you don’t own anything else.

I think you would need to have a trigger for every single possibility (or i’m missing something lemme ping some cool people)

Yeah, you can see why I asked.

At race rn, will look later


You could have a popup system that cycles through all of the color groups, and if you own that color group and click on it, it will upgrade. However, if you don’t own the color group, and press the button, you could get a notification saying that you don’t own the group.

Just a thought, though.


Oh wait, I thought that was the purpose not to do. I overthought lol! (i am very very silly).

Thank you so much! That is perfect! Simple and yet so effective! Thank you! I will have to delete my current block code, but it is totally worth it. Thanks for trying @mysz! (sincerely)


Make a seperate system doing the same thing if possible!

Recreating block code is the most tedious thing I have ever done, and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enimies.

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Your worst enemies don’t play gimkit… right?

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But… it is useless now. You gave me an idea for something much more basic, so my block code is garbage.

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Keep it anyway, just in case it doesn’t work.

At least write it down or take a screenshot.

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I wish I knew that when I made gimkit games (undo button PLEASE)


Ok, I will keep it stored off in the forbidden zone of my map.

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I didn’t know monopoly had a forbidden zone, but okay.

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