Mode Madness 2024: QUARTERFINALS

Can we all please go to the semifinals post? just don’t reply and go there. i know people probably won’t listen to me but this is getting out of hand.

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i don’t see what the point of not replying here but replying there is. we’re being off-topic either way.
but fine.


And all these new users don’t even realize how bad some OGs thought it was in September and October! Geez, the fact that new users (I’m one too!) now think that the old bad days were the old good days because we’re in the new bad days that are worse than the old bad days that were worse than the old good days that were near the start of the forum days. I wonder if the new new bad days and the new new bad bad days will come which will be worse than the new new bad days which will be worse than the new bad days which will be worse than the bad days which will be worse than the old good days which will be equal to the old forum days. Wow!


I think you made my brain melt🫠

Huh I’m confused… my brain just exploded

what a crisis!!

shoot people don’t even listen to the mods.
what jeff said about the clutter was just used to make more clutter by quoting it which goes against the point of the post.


You’re saying what’s on my mind



that not what he meant bro? zoom in into the box that he put in red under his gim

you put so many good days and bad days I also couldn’t understand that idk if I should say anything about grammar

when does semifinals start

They already started!


bro, thats old news my dude. thats okay.

I wasn’t on when it started

Stop playing password game.

Hey you yes you if u seeing this don’t post here it the wrong topic! post in the semifinals instead! it help get rid of unesscary clutter click this link to get there!

I read, but don’t post.

can you not necropost? There is a finals update post that you can chat on.


Hey guys does anyone know where the mode madness 2024 finals topic is?