Mode Madness 2024: QUARTERFINALS

that isn’t allowed. use smth else to talk.


I really need all the gims tho…


can u pls stop spamming that post and just put it in your bio?

Otay. There is just so many posts that nobody wants to scroll. So that’s y I keep posting it


Look at this guide, there’s a couple in here:

thanks @THEHACKER120 I will
is it true u got banned?

Yesh, I didn’t read the guidelines very well for publishing rules :l I guess I will once I get un banned. (I just published a live code in discovery)

how long was the ban?

Apr 1

Wym the live code in discovery?

also, April 1st isn’t that bad.

why it should tell you why

u can send him a email and say your sorry and u wont do it again
(that’s what I did and it worked)

no its really not just 4 days

Yeah it isn’t put I code in my game that went against:

Naw I’m fine its only 5 days? I think.

what? and wdym?

Published discovery game that had code to a live game.

also 17 minutes till shop refresh

oh, that gets you banned? never thought A. to do that and B. that you would get banned from doing it.