Mistake made dont flag the post dont speak on this post ingore it completly

Nothing to see here ok

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like it? I woked hard

I would not recommend you post custom gims here, it most likely will get flagged, not by me, but by someone else, you can send custom gim art to Hello@gimkit.com

other than that, it does look pretty good

can I delete the post then

Yeah, same with coffee, as this could get flagged as off-topic, sorry.

Can I prevent this I dont want to get flaged like automatic close or can I just note that its off topic? can we just mark sulotion and wait for it to close

No, the only wat to not get flagged is to take down the post

You cant note that it’s off topic, sorry



I’ll send this to Hello@gimkit.com

I really hope the drawing gets into gimkit

See the three dots, click on it and click the trashcan.

see this thats the problem

Hmm, do what it says, maybe that will work…

Here_to_help a mod? or no

No one besides the owners of Gimkit are leaders, mods, nor admins. The highest rank of a user is regular.


To answer the question in your bio go here:
Improved Trust Levels Guide

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