Minigame Help for Mario Party style game

yea do like the 20th

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Am I allowed to do
@ here on wednesday to alert people of the poll?

idk I’m still a newbie

i’m far from finished but I figure i’d add my WIP, ignore the opacity issues they’re so I can tell what’s going on on all the layers.

-planning on redoing the lineart since it’s wobbly, [especially the words]
-adding more gims in the background/finishing the hat
-maybe more detail in the floor
-also fixing the gross crop

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Am I allowed to do @ here on wednesday to alert people of the poll?

You probably should, since we’ll all be voting

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I’ll be voting for which ever one has a Stache gim. (totally not bias whistles)
Either Blizzy or Kat, but Kats looks better (no offense to Blizzard)

Button Barrage :radio_button:: Who can click the button the most in 30 seconds?
Racer Runaway :racing_car:: Who is the fastest gim?
Battle Game :facepunch:: 1v1, winners against winners, like a tourney.

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I won’t be voting to remain unbiased.

Do you have any minigame ideas?

Tbh i rlly like blizzy’s

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Can I still submit mine?

Yeah you can the poll isn’t here yet

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Saying no offense doesn’t really do anything. You literally are saying all my hard work has been put to nothing. Ugh.

You say “I like Kat’s better than Blizzy’s” Is just mean.
You can say “I think Kat’s is the best” is still better, as you aren’t comparing us.


he even said blizzard. :skull: also thanks for telling me that

I didn’t mean (not the time for puns) to come off as rude, I was just comparing because you two were the only ones with Staches. :sweat:

No one asked, but I made one!
You like it?


Can’t really see the watermark :droplet:
Tracing over the gims is better than just regular gims.
Nice job, I like the color of “GIM PARTY”

Well they didn’t ask directly, but they did ask.
(I love pointing out stupid things, don’t blame me)

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IDK if I should make one. Haven’t drawn this stuff in a while
(been busy voice acting I guess?)

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If you want to you can! I won’t be voting so I’ll leave it up to the community to see if they like it…

Ok! Thanks :grin:

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