Minigame Help for Mario Party style game

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…excuse me?

Did u just ping me just to tell me to go back to my pokeball?? Also i did not burp. [1]

  1. tho i bet u did >:( ↩︎

Is the tiebreaker poll up?

Yup, section 162…i think


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thats just rude. “If its not nice don’t say anything at all”

@Morepeko8 I love pokemon, and have the newest “temporal Forces” card set (Pre-Release) I am so sorry for the rudeness from lofinight)

(Also @Morepeko8, your in my top ten pokemon favorites list)

(also, @Morepeko8 Are you a boi or gurl? (sorry))

(Red the edited post @Morepeko8, and I don’t usually read bios unless asked to)


Np! Happy to help!!!

4 @Caternaught

  1. 1. WHAAAA FR??? 2. Np this happens a lot…sadly 3. Yay! :grin: 4.if ya read my bio, it says ima gurl :smile: (also, its ok) ↩︎

Hey guys my school is blocking gimlet on our school computers for while. I am very upset about this and well just plain disappointed that the school thought this educational website was “Global Blacklist” I will try to remain active on my personal laptop but it will be a lot less.
I will be closing the tie breaker poll now.


If ya want, people r useing this padlet made by @BananaBunny to make thumbnails

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@Kat_aronii won! Thanks so much for the support!

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