Minigame Help for Mario Party style game

Okay, It MIGHT be done later today.

okay I am going to start working on mine in a few hours (because I am working on a thumbnail right now…)
but I will have a checklist to let @harharharhar83 know how close i am with the thumbnil

  1. Make it so it is a shot looking up from the floor (similar to One Way Out) :x:
  2. Include a colorful flooring :x:
  3. Have a wide variety of Gims, spread out in a line :x:
  4. Have the middle Gim holding a dice :x:
  5. Have one Gim holding cash :x:
  6. Put the name of the game (Gim Party!!!) :x:
  7. Put Created by @harharharhar83 :x:
  8. Credit yourself for the thumbnail creation! :x:

@harharharhar83 FInished:

Handdrawn ^


I can make realistic thumbnails or do you want it hand drawn

Either one you like.

@harharharhar83 Slides version:

For Handdrawn



Final product:
Rate 1-10


I rate it…

@harharharhar83 Rate both of mine!

Handrawn - 9 (It has all the criteria and looks like you put a ton of effort! Some people may not like it because it doesn’t look as clean as digital. However, I love the it because it shows dedication and love poured into it.)
Slides - 7 (Slightly less because it had a ton of empty space.)

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It’s so cute!!! I LOVE ITTT

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Oh, its ok, but ima girl :slight_smile: (i put it in my bio)

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Sorry, A bunch of people were saying he, so I got confused.

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People call me a boy too. It’s annoying

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Nonono, its ok, a lota people mess up my gender :slight_smile: tbh doesn’t make me anoyed,


What’s better?

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Does anybody have any ideas for minigames or spaces?

this is mine I tried…

here’s mine:


@gim_guy Sorry! Completely forgot to ping you till now :expressionless: