Mini Map of World

I’m making a manhunt game with different island regions. How can I have a map showing the whole world?

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Maybe use a popup? Welcome the commuinty @Scrimmy!

It is not possible yet, you can suggest it here

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There is no easy way to do this because you’d have to use massive amounts of text pixel-art.

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Ok, at first I didn’t know what you pfp was, but now I realize, it is a battle cat, love the pfp btw

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welcome to the forum @Scrimmy I don’t think theres a way to do it yet try suggesting it at

I don’t mind doing pixel art, but how do you arrange it in rows as a game overlay?

Unfortunately, support for this feature has not been added.

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WAIT @Haiasi ’s pfp is A CAT??? It LOOKS like a BIRD

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You can put that pixel-art into a popup wired from the game overlay.

@The_7th_Dragon Bird? Yours looks more like a bird lol, the neck is kinda thin tbh

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