Memory bar being weird

I just loaded up my game and the memory bar said this:
However, when I rejoined it went back to normal. Just a bug the gimkit team should know about.

Good thing it went back! Like many Bugs, there is nothing we can do and the memory bar really isn’t essential. Thanks for letting us know though!

It also wouldn’t let me place anything because I “didn’t have enough memory”.

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That is not good, it fixed though, right?

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yes it did.

Um… Nice to know! nice bug lol 102% :rofl:

This can also happen if you have a map with a bunch of wires and is at about 97%, and right when you join, but before the wires load, copying a memory-intensive device a bunch of times. Then, when the wires load you will have a map with a memory over 100%.

Mark a solution?

I feel like they should know about this so that they can try and fix it.